Looking to serve delicious hot beverages, cool and refreshing sodas, warm and fluffy soft pretzels, and perfectly chilled ice cream? We’ve got you covered with the highest quality, fully-featured carts and kiosks. All Star Carts is a complete full-service manufacturer of merchandise kiosks and food vehicles, including turn-key food carts for sale, kiosks, trailers and trucks. Each of our food carts, each mall kiosk, each of our ice cream carts, and beyond, are produced under one single roof. This means we have complete quality control!

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Here at All Star Carts, we know that serving food and drink requires meeting the highest of standards. That’s why we’ve made it an essential to offer only the best food carts for sale. In fact, we pride ourselves in manufacturing a long list of carts and food vehicles that meet and exceed your requirements. Each product, including our ice cream carts, is also listed with underwriters Laboratories to NSF/ANSI standard and electrical needs, leaving you satisfied with each and every purchase! Test