Why Food and Ice Cream Trucks?

There’s no doubt about it – catered venues, event goers, college students, and working people love their food! From the streets of our cities, rural roads, sports events, picnics, to fairs and beyond, it is not uncommon to see a long line at food concession trucks of all kinds. Because of the high demand for tasty food at all these kinds of events, you need a top-notch food truck, suited for all of your needs! Whether you’re offering food and drink or merchandise and souvenirs, we’ve got you covered with a wide array of food vehicles, including frozen food truck selections for any ice cream vendor. You’re sure to be the go-to for all event goers.

Here at All Star Carts, we’ve got a variety of food trucks for sale, with options for every commonly vended food and drink to the gastronomic gourmet. With All Star you are assured of a success, if you’re looking for a reliable food truck manufacturer, choose All Star Carts! We are dedicated to making exceptional food vehicles, providing specialty selections to hot food vendors and high-end ice cream trucks for a variety of individuals.

Available Features

  • Pull up, open side of truck and serve
  • All stainless steel interior, cabinets, and shelving
  • Serving window and shelf
  • Shielded Interior fluorescent lights
  • Illuminated front and rear signs
  • Skylight roof vents
  • Cup dispensers
  • Customer self-serve beverage, hot and cold food, and snack section
  • 3 fold up awning doors
  • Large ice cream dipping cabinet
  • Dual compartment sinks
  • Dipper well with running water
  • Hot fudge unit
  • Mixer
  • Topping and beverage refrigerator
  • Sinks
  • Fryer
  • Griddle
  • Oven
  • Stove top
  • Exhaust hood
  • Bells
Ice Cream Dipping Truck
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Food Truck
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Raised Roof Ice Cream Novelty Truck
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Hot & Cold Food Delivery Truck
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Soft Ice Cream Truck
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Ice Cream Novelty Truck
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Fresh Food Catering Truck
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Food Delivery & Catering Trucks
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1, 2 or 3 Food Trucks
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Coffee, Espresso & Cappuccino Van
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