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  • Item # 6604, 7

    Item # 6604, 7' Espresso Cart w/Deluxe Canopy & Wing Shelf BracketsAvailable Features:
    Deluxe Canopy
    2 24,drop leaves with wing shelf brackets Can be customized
    Espresso foodservice, Merchandising.

  • Food & Beverage Cart

    Food & Beverage CartAvailable Features:
    Large ice tub to hold canned or bottled beer, Sneeze guard,Aluminum diamond plate shelf, Aluminum diamond plate spill tray, Illuminated backlit canopy, Bumper guard.
    Clear lexan plastic over the cart body, Open back to allow for storage of cases of beer.

    Dimension 72"L x 34"W x 93"H

  • Refrigerated Wine Cart

    Refrigerated Wine CartAvailable Features:
    Plug unit in for overnight charging.
    Unplug when ready to use. Maintains proper temperature for your product the whole day.

    Dimension: 53"L x 33"W x 41"H

  • Model 644 STEAM TABLE CART

    Model 644 STEAM TABLE CARTAvailable Features:
    All carts are shown with optional graphics and umbrellas
    Carts are available for sandwiches, pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, hot foods, cold foods and general merchandise


    Model MOE THEME CARTAvailable Features:
    All carts are shown with optional graphics and umbrellas

  • Item # 605, Chinese Food Mobile Cart

    Item # 605, Chinese Food Mobile CartAvailable Features:
    5 full size electric steam table pans, Illuminated adjustable canopy
    Drop shelves in rear and 2 sides, Sneeze guard with warmers
    Special graphics and Lexan protection

    Dimension: 118"L x 48"W x 110"H

  • Item # 600, Soft Hot Pretzel and Beverage Cart

    Item # 600, Soft Hot Pretzel and Beverage CartAvailable Features:
    Charcoal pretzel warmer, Display case.
    Insulated beverage box, Optional umbrella.

    Dimension: 48"L x 32"W x 60"H

  • Item # 595, Grill Cart

    Item # 595, Grill CartAvailable Features:
    Towable grill cart with a stainless steel, drop leaf shelf Sneeze guard, Refrigerator
    Stainless steel work ,space and cabinet doors, An awning in the back to keep you dry or in the shade

    Dimension: 96"L x 36"W x 52"H

  • Item # 525 , Enclosed Ice Cream Vending Trailer

    Item # 525 , Enclosed Ice Cream Vending TrailerAvailable Features :
    Two sides that fold up to expose two freezers.
    Each freezer has its own dipperwell with continuous running water.
    Each freezer holds 18 three gallon tubs.
    Dimension 100"L x 96"W x 94"H

  • Item # 522, Soft Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Cart

    Item # 522, Soft Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Cart Available Features :
    Tubular steel frame construction. Stainless steel counter top.
    Impact resistant plastic sides, Stainless steel back, Lighted canopy with telescopic poles
    4 cup dispensers. Under counter refrigerator. Dual compartment sinks.
    .Dimension 88"L x 32"W x 41"H

  • Item # 510, Tricycle Ice Cream Vendor

    Item # 510, Tricycle Ice Cream VendorAvailable Features:
    Large capacity freezer, Mechanical refrigeration
    Hold approximately 70 dozen novelties Easy to pedal tricycle chassis

    Dimension93"L x 33"W x 41"H

  • Item # 501, Ice Cream Dipperwell Cart

    Item # 501, Ice Cream Dipperwell Cart Available Features :
    Mechanical refrigeration, Cone storage box
    Dipperwelll w/ continous running water flow, Storage area for supplies, Holds 8 three gallon tubs

    Dimension: 61"L x 33"W x 58"H

  • Item # 622, Display Beverage Cart

    Item # 622, Display Beverage CartAvailable Features:
    Display beverages on ice in large insulated ice bin, Customer self-serve
    Telescopic canopy, Stainless steel poles. Stainless steel counter top and corner guards
    Graphics optional, Lexan protective covering optional.

  • Item # 615 , Hot Dog, Hot Food and Beverage Cart

    Item # 615 , Hot Dog, Hot Food and Beverage CartAvailable Features:
    2 full steam table pans (electric), 2 dome covers.
    Roller grill for hot dogs, Upright display refrigerator, Below counter refrigerator
    Canopy with light. Brass poles. Brass and glass sneeze guard.

    Dimension: 96"L x 32"W x 96"H

  • Item # 562, Bamboo Cart

    Item # 562, Bamboo CartAvailable Features:
    Bamboo sides and an authentic grass top canopy supported by bamboo canopy poles
    Ice bin and a soda system are available, Great for hotels, resorts, and caterers

    Dimension: 72"L x 27"W x 93"H

  • Item # 210 IT, Ice Cream Trailer

    Item # 210 IT, Ice Cream TrailerAvailable Features:Freezer with holding plates, Holds 18 three gallon tubs.
    Full steam table, Dual compartment sink with hot and cold running water
    Cone storage cabinet, Toppings area, Interior and exterior fluorescent lighting.

    Dimension: 108"L x 76"W x 90"H

  • Item # 515, Ice Cream Push Cart w/ Bicycle Wheels

    Item # 515, Ice Cream Push Cart w/ Bicycle WheelsAvailable Features :
    Mechanizal refrigeration, utilizing holding plates Plugs in easily for overnight charging
    Charge good for 10 to 12 hours on a 90 degree day Optional
    wagon wheels and special finishing touches
    Dimension: 53"L x 33"W x 41"H

  • tem # 607, Nacho Cart

    tem # 607, Nacho CartAvailable Features:
    Tubular steel frame, White aluminum side panels, Lexan protective covering.
    Canopy with a fluorescent light, Stainless steel telescopic canopy poles.
    Stainless steel counter top, 2 nacho warmers, 2 nacho cheese pumps

    Dimension: 93"L x 33"W x 94"H

Why Custom Branded carts?

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of spotting an ice cream push cart of your favorite ice cream maker on a hot summer day at the fair. Or, finding a steam table cart offering deliciously warm soft pretzels and hot dogs at a chilly evening ball game. Here at All Star Carts, we know how important it is to stand out amongst a crowd of other food and drink vendors. The best way to stand out? With colorful and eye-popping cart and kiosk customizations!

Whether you’re vending a well-known brand of frozen treats or, you’re selling your own small business sandwiches and snacks, we’ve got you covered. Searching for a bright and fun custom kiosk to sell your merchandise? Look no further! We’ve got just the cart or kiosk that you’re after.

Stand out in a crowd and attract even the pickiest of eaters with custom branding of All Star Carts!

Attraction Parks- Product Theme - Special Graphics - Logos

Available Features

  • Meet or exceed all applicable Classes of fire-spread ratings. Units are certified to meet NFPA part 255 requirements for malls, hospitals, airports, stadiums and convention centers.
  • Underwriters Laboratories Listed under Control number 16VB listed KNNS & KNNS7 custom food service equipment Cart for safety and (IPMW) EPH sanitation NSF Part 59.
  • Welded tubular Steel frames.
  • Aluminum diamond plate floors.
  • Stainless steel cabinet doors
  • Stainless steel, Corian solid surface material, and stone counter tops.
  • Common to unique finishes of anything including stone, plastic laminates, glass or designer metals.
  • Any type of hot and cold cooking and serving equipment.
  • Glass and Lexan sneeze guards.
  • Custom graphics of any type.
  • Digital menus and signage.
  • Custom Umbrellas and Canopy’s.


  • Please check all building, vending and local health codes before ordering.
  • All carts are shown with optional graphics and umbrellas.
  • Not all Available Features are included with every item.